24 Hours in San Francisco

As Dutch immigrants, our family tends to have to travel quite a ways for a simple thing like a passport.  We decided that San Francisco would be our city of choice since the Chicago Dutch Consulate no longer processes passports. So, do we drive? or fly?  Well, cheap airline tickets via Virgin America answered that question!

Living in Nebraska, we decided to fly out of Denver. Leaving the day before, we set out for the 5 hour drive…leaving later than planned thanks to car problems :/  Eventually, we arrived in Denver but went around the city to stop at a place called Lookout Mountain. Spectacular views!!

Lookout Mountain – Golden, CO

The next morning we head out to the airport…only to have our flight delayed. We happened to travel during California’s long needed rainy season.  Flying out of Denver at 1pm we arrived in San Francisco at 3pm.  We decided to take the BART train to downtown since the station was only a 15 minute walk to our hotel. Going from SFO to the Civic Center station cost about $8.95 per person and took about 40 minutes.

By the time we checked into our hotel, we were tired and it was getting dark. We did take the time to walk to the Union Post(Dutch Embassy’s recommended spot for passport photos) to get photos taken and get those out of the way for the next day.  It was sprinkling a little but nothing horrible. Walking around the city in the dark was pretty cool. Streets were busy downtown so no worry of danger.  If you don’t live in a big city than walking around during the day or night is a must!  We ended our night by being lazy and ordering Dominoes across the street LOL.

I just love those palm trees! – San Francisco

The next morning we set out to finish gathering thing for the passport paperwork and stopped for breakfast at a McDonalds. The appointment was in one of those business buildings where you feel fancy with elevator service from the nice men at the counter. After our appointment we ate in the same building which I believe was called Montgomery. Enjoying some Jimmy Johns and pizza it was a good lunch.

BTW this was the awesome view from the Dutch Consulate

We headed back to the motel to figure out what we were going to do(since it was pouring by this point). We did buy umbrellas that morning but I can’t even count how many times those went inside out with the wind before we gave up. Site-seeing was a must so we set off to a Walgreens and bought some cheap rain ponchos. I brought my little point and shoot canon and my brother had his water resistant phone. An uber picked us up at the Walgreens and for maybe $13 the three of us got dropped off at the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center.  From there, we braved the sideways rain and walked down to the bridge. Those views were SPECTACULAR. I can’t even complain about the rain because the unique views are worth it to this photographer. I managed to sneak some photos in between hard rains as well.

Just me, soaked, in front of the bridge

From the Welcome Center we hopped into another Uber and headed to the Golden Gate Park. A doorman invited us into the de Young museum and we got a free pass…because every first Tuesday of the month is free for anyone. We headed up to stop  9 on the elevator to the spectacular 360 views. This is a must see! The top floor is always free to the public from what I know.  We took a stroll through the museum before heading back outside. I really wanted to see the Huntington Falls. It was a nice walk and views regardless, but it turns out the falls weren’t even running when we got there. My brother really enjoyed that:


We had an Uber pick us up in the area and take us back to the motel before the storm kicked in. We ordered food and ate in the motel and watched tv to end the night. The next morning it was DRY and SUNNY. I set out with my camera to get a few shots before we had to make our way to the BART station and back to the airport.

All in all, it was a good trip. We had plans to see much more but the rain was hard to work with. This will definitely be a city to visit again!



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