Four Common Dreams & Their Meanings

One of our project in my design class was to create an info-graphic poster, so what did i choose? To talk about dreams, of course!  There are MANY different common dreams but I kept it simple with the four. I’ve had a form of all of these dreams, except a death related dream (that I can remember anyways.)  And before you say “I don’t dream,” everyone dreams! You just may not remember them.  I’ve read something along the lines that if you wake up during your sleep (even if you aren’t aware of it) you are more likely to remember your dreams because you brain becomes active so the dream can be put into your short-term memory (which is also why we forget a big percentage of our dreams the longer we are awake). This theory makes sense to me. I dream every night and I always recall my dreams as well…and I KNOW I am a terribly light sleeper, whereas you have someone like one of my best friends who will sleep through the night and just ‘dream’ of a “black abyss” as he likes to say.  Sometimes i wish for those dreamless nights, but then again I like being able to take a chance at interpreting my subconscious and what i may be desiring or problems I may be avoiding. Plus, the adventurous dreams are quite fun as well 🙂

Dreams Info-graphic


Ion Lavender Moon Review

Hey ya’ll!  So today I decided to go out and try another one of ion’s bright whites collection.  Having previously used the Snow Cap toner and having wonderful success I decided this time I wanted a bit more of a tint and chose the Lavender Moon. It turned out very nice, a good silvery purple hue. Today I was out running errands and recieved a lot of compliments, so i’d say it was a success! 🙂

 Here’s my process: Continue reading “Ion Lavender Moon Review”

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